Look Mallorca Autumn 2018

Nestled deep within the Tramuntana mountains by Valldemossa, along a steep windy track, lies the secret hideaway of Michael and Fred Jarboe. In 2016 the interior was renovated by More Design, while Mashamba Garden & Terrace Design was responsible for the exteriors. The finca is truly spectacular. A homage to Mallorca’s traditions, architecture and dramatic scenery.

The finca remains an active working farm with thousands of ancient olives producing some of the best oil on the island. Sheep roam between the dry-stone terraces, feeding on the natural aromatic mountainside scrub. The enormous views stretch in all directions with glimpses of the sea between the rocky crags, whilst vultures soar the thermals up above. There is a sense of timelessness where modern life can be forgotten.

The stone house sits well within its surroundings whilst the finishes are that delicious blend between rustic and contemporary. Artistic terracotta pots and urns bring life and substance to the terraces and courtyard, whilst a designer Mediterranean garden, complete with herb garden, lavender field, cypress terraces and floral pathways, wraps around the core areas of the house.

Garden designer, Alexander Warren-Gash, says, “I love this property. There is an element of ‘nature meets art’ about it. A fine balance between the rugged rural traditions and designer flare.”