T erracotta has a classical, timeless elegance found for centuries throughout the Mediterranean.  For properties looking for that old world charm, terracotta is a fantastic and versatile option.

When it comes to terracotta, Mashamba Terrace Design works exclusively with Italian Terrace.  Italian Terrace is a brand that offers a beautiful range of pots, planters, vases and oil jars which are hand-crafted in Italy using traditional methods.

What makes Italian Terrace so special?

The best Italian clay is blended to achieve a pale colour, and a special finish is added to create the weathered texture. All products are made by hand, using traditional press moulded techniques. Gentle air drying and firing at high temperatures in modern gas kilns ensures strength and durability in the winter months.  From a quality perspective, in terms of both design and durability, these terracotta products are without peers. Experience has taught us that when it comes to terracotta, you have to invest in the best. Italian Terrace brand delivers exceptional terracotta for your garden or terrace.

There is a complete range available with designs that suit both classical and contemporary styles. Please contact us for a catalogue.

If you are a retailer interested in carrying Italian Terrace products in Mallorca or Ibiza, please contact us.