Contemporary Pots

D esigning terraces and other outdoor living areas is all about assimilation with the architecture and style of the house. Many of the nicer new builds today have taken on a modern contemporary look with sharp lines and large windows and as such it is important that any furnishings and accessories pay homage to that style.

For the contemporary look, Mashamba Terrace Design offers a range of fantastic, high quality pots that act as artistic pieces in their own right. All manner of different shapes, sizes, textures and even colours, these pots can be used to either soften or accentuate the clean lines and bring interest and style to your outdoor living areas. Sculpted to very high specifications using textured chamotte clay and strengthened in 1200 degree celsius furnaces, these pots are made to withstand the worst of the elements.

Mashamba can happily put together a plan for your terrace taking all styles and preferences into account.